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Ultrasonic Bonding & Sonic Welding

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Stack Plastics offers a number of secondary services, including ultrasonic bonding. This process, also known as "sonic welding," is a specialized technique used to fuse two or more plastic injection molded parts together. Ultrasonic bonding is a unique and effective method of joining two or more plastic parts.

Sonic Welding for Injection Molded Plastic Parts

Our ultrasonic bonding process uses highly advanced equipment to create extremely high speed vibrations in metal "horns." These horns press against the molded plastic parts, transferring their motion and vibrating the plastic parts at very high speeds. The vibration causes the molded plastics to melt slightly, and pressure applied by the ultrasonic bonding machine "welds" the parts together. After the parts are joined properly, the vibration stops and the plastic cools very rapidly, creating an incredibly strong bond.

Design Considerations for Ultrasonic Bonding

Stack Plastics' ultrasonic bonding services are made possible not only by our state-of-the-art equipment, but also by the design of the injection molded parts. Not every plastic part can be sonically welded successfully—parts must be designed in such a way that the energy delivered by the ultrasonic bonding machine translates correctly to the areas where the melting and bonding processes need to take place.

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Ultrasonic bonding adds quality and value to your plastic injection molded parts. Contact Stack Plastics to learn more about how our ultrasonic bonding services can benefit your next project.