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Polyurethane Thermoplastic Polymer

Polyurethane thermoplastics are extremely versatile and can be formulated to provide wide-ranging characteristics. Polyurethane is available in durometers from 10-15 Shore A (softer than a pencil eraser) to 90 Shore D (hard as a golf ball). It exhibits excellent wear and abrasion resistance, and remains highly elastic and impact resistant, even at the hardest durometers or in extremely low temperatures.

Polyurethane offers excellent resilience—even the hardest polyurethanes can be formulated for rebound values up to 70%. These thermoplastic materials exhibit excellent dielectric properties, little to no water absorption, and are highly resistant to oil, grease, chemicals, and radiation. Polyurethanes can be formulated to withstand continuous use at temperatures as high as 248°F (120°C).

Injection Molding with Polyurethane Thermoplastics

Stack Plastics is a leading provider of injection molded polyurethane parts and components. We have over 20 years’ experience and extensive materials knowledge that enable us to produce high quality, high precision parts that match our customers’ designs exactly. We maintain tight tolerances and can produce even the most complex parts with exceptional consistency and repeatability.

We can provide specialty copolymers that blend polyurethane and one or more other thermoplastic materials and combine their characteristics for improved performance, durability, etc.

As needed, we can provide assembly, sonic welding, and other secondary services. This gives our customers more complete parts, with less additional processing required.

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