Homopolymer Thermoplastic Injection Molding

A homopolymer plastic is one that is produced by the polymerization of a single monomer. For example, polystyrene is composed of nothing but styrene monomer residues, making it a homopolymer. Other examples of homopolymer thermoplastics that are used in injection molding include:

Homopolymer thermoplastics exhibit a variety of different properties. While there is no set of “general” characteristics that all homopolymers share, for the most part, they are well-suited to the injection molding process.

For applications where no single homopolymer material can provide the necessary performance characteristics, there are copolymers that blend two or more materials and combine those materials’ properties.

Homopolymer Molding Services

Injection Molding with Homopolymer Thermoplastics

Springboard has been working with homopolymer thermoplastics for over 20 years. Our experience and expertise enable us to create injection molded homopolymer parts and components that match our customers’ exact designs. We can meet tight tolerances and produce complex part geometries with outstanding precision and perfect repeatability.

We can provide assembly, sonic welding, pad printing, and other secondary services, as needed to give you more complete parts that need less additional processing.

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