Copolymer Thermoplastic Injection Molding

A copolymer is a plastic material produced by the copolymerization of two or more different monomers. For example, ABS is composed of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene molecules. Copolymers combine the properties of their constituent parts for improved performance, durability, etc.

Common copolymer thermoplastics that are used in injection molding include:

Copolymer Molding Services

Injection Molding with Copolymer Thermoplastics

Springboard works with a broad selection of copolymers in our injection molding processes. We are the injection molding experts, and know how to get the best results from every material with which we work. We can produce high precision injection molded copolymer parts and components that match your exact designs and meet the tolerances your application or industry requires.

We also provide a range of secondary services, including sonic welding, assembly, pad printing, and more. This results in more complete parts, with less additional processing needed.

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