Acrylic Thermoplastic Molding

In addition to glass-like optical qualities, acrylic thermoplastic materials also exhibit excellent weatherability, good resistance to fading caused by UV and fluorescent lighting, and high resistance to scratching. Tensile strength is generally between 8,000 and 10,000 psi.

The material is available in multiple FDA/USDA food-safe grades, and, as such, is commonly used for food storage containers, refrigerator drawers, and the like. Acrylics are also well-suited to overmolding and other specialized injection molding processes.

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Acrylic Molding Services

Injection Molding with Acrylic Thermoplastics

Stack Plastics has extensive experience working with acrylic thermoplastics in injection molding. Acrylics’ consistent material shrinkage values make it easy to achieve exact dimensions with tight tolerances, and we can produce complex and/or thin-walled parts with extremely high consistency and repeatability.

We can provide acrylic copolymers that combine the characteristics of acrylic and other thermoplastic materials to give you injection molded parts that meet all your application and performance requirements.

We also offer sonic welding, pad printing, and other secondary services, to give our customers more complete parts that require less additional processing.

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