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Although Stack Plastics does not make any finished medical devices, we are an industry-leading medical device component manufacturer, supplying a sizeable number of injection molded surgical components that go into these devices. At Stack, we understand that our parts are used in devices that can save lives, and that the failure of insert injection molded surgical components can be fatal.

Insert Injection Molded Surgical Components

State-of-the-art insert molding capabilities enable Stack Plastics to manufacture injection molded surgical components of all shapes and sizes. With high precision equipment and a skilled, experienced staff, we can produce custom insert injection molded surgical components that match our customers’ exact designs, no matter how complex. The flexibility and tight tolerances of our insert molding capabilities have made us a much sought after medical device component manufacturer.

The injection molded surgical components pictured here are used in open heart surgery. Our customers trust us with the task of providing quality insert injection molded surgical components that are needed for an elevated level of manufacturing. When you come to Stack Plastics for your injection molded surgical components, you can count on our insert molding capabilities to provide the highest level of quality in everything we do.

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