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Quality Assurance for Injection Molded Plastic Parts

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At Stack Plastics, we know that the quality and precision of the injection molded parts we produce are two big reasons that customers turn to us time and time again. To help maintain that quality, we employ a skilled, highly trained staff and utilize advanced quality testing equipment. Quality is, was, and always will be our #1 priority!

Design & Engineering Consultation

One of the key components of our quality assurance process is our engineering consultation service. After all, you can’t manufacture a high quality part without a high quality design. Our engineering quality experts will work with you to optimize your part designs for perfect fit, form, and function, and can suggest changes that will make your injection molded parts easier and/or less expensive to produce—without sacrificing performance. We know what works in injection molding and what doesn’t (and why), and will help you make your parts the best they can possibly be!

Quality Standards & Certifications

All Stack Plastics personnel are trained/retrained on all of our quality assurance processes at least once a year, with training conducted by our in-house experts in senior management. Every aspect of quality assurance is covered, from the proper paperwork to machine functions to quality testing.

We are ISO 13485 certified for the production of parts and components for medical components and sub-assemblies. And if we can meet the strict quality standards of the medical industry, we can meet anyone’s! We will work with your project specifications to develop customized standards that meet your company or industrial requirements.

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We are specialists in plastic injection molding, serving clients in some of the world’s most demanding industries. Thanks to our stringent quality assurance and quality testing practices, you can count on receiving plastic parts and components that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Request a quote on precision injection molding, or contact us to discuss quality standards for your project.