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PEEK Injection Molding Resin

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Stack Plastics works with a wide variety of materials in our injection molding processes. One of the most useful, versatile, and popular injection moulding resins we use is PEEK (polyether ether ketone). This unique, high-performance thermoplastic is ideal for medical applications, and injection molded PEEK parts can be an effective replacement for machined metal parts in a a broad range of other uses.

Properties of PEEK Resin

PEEK exhibits superb mechanical properties and is highly resistant to chemicals and thermal degradation, making it a highly desirable material for plastic injection molded products. PEEK resin holds up well against high temperatures and long-term liquid submersion, and is very durable in harsh environments. PEEK makes an excellent reinforcement material, providing great tensile strength with low weight.

  • High chemical resistance, even at elevated temperatures
  • High hardness, stiffness & strength
  • Excellent fatigue & stress-crack resistance
  • Excellent resistance to high pressure water & steam without significant degradation
  • Can be sterilized via autoclave
  • Easy to machine & fabricate
  • UL 94 V-0 flammability rating
  • Very low smoke/toxic gas emission when exposed to flame
  • Suitable for continuous use in application temperatures up to 338°F/170°C
  • Unfilled PEEK is FDA-approved for food contact

Injection Molding with PEEK

Though it is a very popular engineered plastic for injection moulding, PEEK can also be difficult to work with. It must be heated to very high temperatures—temps at or above the highest range of most injection molding machines.

Fortunately, Stack Plastics has the skills, experience, and advanced machinery needed to effectively work with PEEK in all our plastic injection molding processes. We provide unparalleled expertise in injection moulding PEEK resin for medical devices and other applications.

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