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Product branding

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We offer pad printing as a secondary service to add value to your plastic injection molded parts. Stack Plastics' pad printing services can be used for a wide variety of applications across a number of industries.

Stack Plastics' pad printing processes are very similar to silk screening. Inks are deposited over an etched design on a steel plate, then our automated pad printing equipment rotates the pad and deposits the ink in the proper location on a molded part. This process can be used to put your company logo, instructional graphics, or any other legend or design on your injection molded parts. Stack Plastics utilizes 2-color pad printing machines with fully automated controls to print your design(s) on your parts quickly, efficiently, and with perfect repeatability.

The true technological excellence in our pad printing processes comes from our specialized inks. The quick-drying formula of our pad printing ink is designed to adhere perfectly to most any plastic substrate to which it is applied, without smearing, running, or dripping. The quality of our pad printing is second to none.

Our pad printing services are a fast, effective way to add another level of value to your plastic injection molded parts.

Contact Stack Plastics to add custom pad printing to your next project, or to learn more about this or any of our outstanding plastic molding and secondary services.