Plastic Injection Tooling & Plastic Injection Molds

To produce high quality plastic injection molded parts, you need high quality plastic injection tooling and molds. With that in mind, Stack Plastics puts a premium on these components, and will work with you to develop the perfect custom plastic injection mold tooling for your unique project.

What is A Plastic Injection Mold?

As with any sort of mold (other than the kind that grows on old bread), a plastic injection mold is a hollow “shell” that sets the shape of the product being created. Just as Jell-O is poured into a Jell-O mold to create shapes that would be otherwise impossible to achieve, heated, nearly liquefied plastic is injected into a plastic injection mold to achieve the shape of your parts.

Plastic injection molds can be manufactured from a range of materials, such as aluminum, steel, or alloys, and may contain a variety of internal components, such as pins, guides, bushings, and ejectors. It is important to use the right mold material and to include the right components for the project at hand, to ensure that the proper dimensional tolerances are met and that the mold will withstand repeated use throughout the life the project.

Robot Assisted Molding

What is Plastic Injection Tooling?

Tooling for plastic injection molding can include the above-mentioned mold components, as well as other jigs, fixtures, gauges, and other equipment used in the injection molding process. These “secondary” instruments are often critical to the success of an injection molding project. With the right plastic injection tooling, the efficiency and effectiveness of a mold can be improved, along with the overall quality of the injection molded parts.

Custom Molds & Tooling for Plastic Injection Molding

Stack Plastics offers a wide variety of plastic injection molding and plastic injection tooling options. We manufacture and work with class 104 (aluminum), 103 (pre hard steel), 102 (H-13 and better), and 101 (one million-plus cycle) molds. Our facility also includes hot runner, cold runner, and three plate molds. We work with single cavity and multiple-cavity molds, with as many as 32 plastic molding cavities.

Our plastic injection molding tooling is highly customizable, enabling us to create injection molded parts that perfectly match your design specifications. Because of the incredible diversity of the parts we produce, we work directly with several world-class manufacturers of plastic injection tooling. Each of these companies offers numerous strengths and specialties, and creates custom plastic tooling and molds to meet the unique requirements of our customers’ injection molding projects.

Whether you need a simple prototype mold in a couple of weeks, complex plastic injection tooling that requires hardened steel with intricate slides and inserts, or adjustment, repairs, or modifications to existing molds, we can deliver with the highest quality and most precise plastic injection molding tooling in the industry. Our network of toolmakers has been tested time and again by our many projects. Based on price, turnaround time, complexity, and production quantity, we will utilize the right toolmaker for your job.

Contact Us for High Quality Parts Made with Custom Plastic Tooling & Molds

The wide range of specialization our toolmakers bring to the table gives us greater flexibility and efficiency in our plastic molding processes. Decades of experience and expertise ensure that all of our injection molded parts meet the highest standards of quality. There is almost no limit to the custom designs we can create for our customers.

Contact Stack Plastics to put our team of experts and our network of toolmakers to work for you, or to learn more about custom plastic injection mold tooling.

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