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Medical injection molding

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Stack Plastics' medical injection molding services can be used to create plastic parts and components for medical devices. We can create any number of specialized plastic injection molded medical parts, either as subassemblies or as components for more complex instruments. We are ISO 13485:2003 certified for medical injection molding for all types of components and assemblies.

Medical Injection Molding with Stack Plastics

Using our medical injection molding processes, Stack Plastics produces delivery devices for stents, implants, sutures, and the like. We also offer assembly services for subcomponents of larger, more complicated medical devices.

In addition, we manufacture plastic moldings that house other, non-plastic components or mechanisms. Our insert molding processes can create housings for needles, surgical blades, tubes, and other medical devices. Stack Plastics utilizes state-of-the-art vertical plastic injection molding workstations dedicated to this process. We have also forged solid relationships with several trusted vendors who supply us with top quality metal components for medical plastic injection molding projects.

Catheter Molding

Our catheter molding capabilities incorporate insert molding, micromolding, and overmolding processes, along with special biocompatible resins. We can produce catheter tips, luer fittings, joints, markers, manifolds, and more through precision catheter molding, with ceramic or metal components and assemblies included, as needed.

Medical Grade Plastic Resins

Stack Plastics utilizes a variety of unique materials for medical plastic injection molding, making it possible for us to provide the ideal medical plastics for your project's needs.

For our plastic injection moldings, we use engineering resins such as polycarbonate, PEEK, and Ultem, which offer excellent mechanical properties, high tensile strength to resist breakage, and high temperature load ratings to avoid deformation due to heat. We also use several specialized medical plastics with built-in resins and fillers, such as fiberglass carbon fiber, talc, or custom color compounds, to give the completed medical moldings mechanical advantages or other unique properties.

Our expertise with engineering resins and specialized medical plastics ensures that your medical injection molding products will meet your exact specifications.

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