Injection Molding Resin: PEI (polyetherimide)

PEI (polyetherimide) is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic that offers a full complement of advantageous characteristics:

  • Rigidity and strength at high temperatures
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Flame retardancy
  • Long term heat resistance
  • Creep resistance

Replacing Metal Parts with PEIprism plastic object

As a result of PEI’s creep resistant properties, it can replace metal parts in a wide range of structural applications.

PEI Molding Services

Is PEI (polyetherimide) Right for Your Project?

The Springboard team has extensive experience with injection molding. We can help you choose among the wide range of exotic resins available to find the one that will yield the highest-performing parts for your project. Let our team analyze your design to determine whether PEI (polyetherimide)is the best choice for your injection-molded parts.

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