Injection Molding Resin: COP (cyclo olefin polymer)

COP (cyclo olefin polymer) is a specialty resin with a wide range of high-end characteristics, including:

  • Superior moldability
  • Low birefringence
  • High transparency
  • High heat resistance
  • Low water absorption

COP Molding Services

COP (cyclo olefin polymer) Grades

COP (cyclo olefin polymer) is available in several grades that are suited for application such as:

  • Lab test equipment
  • Optical components
  • Antennas

Is COP (cyclo olefin polymer) Right for Your Project?

There are a wide range of exotic resins to choose from. How can you determine which one is best for your project? At Springboard, our team has extensive experience with injection molding and working with COP (cyclo olefin polymer) and other resins. By carefully analyzing your design and application, we can help you determine whether you should choose COP (cyclo olefin polymer) or go with some other material.

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