Injection Molding for Consumer Products

Spoons to Relieve Ear Aches

Spoons to Relieve Ear Aches

Wine bottle opener

Wine Bottle Opener

Liquid dispensing sensor, Insert molded Steel pins

Liquid level sensor

Custom blended materials for special applications

Disc Golf Frisbee

Stack Plastics is a leading injection molding manufacturer for consumer products. We provide a wide range of custom plastic injection molding processes and have the flexibility to transform your designs, no matter how complex, into finished products. Our knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and years of experience make us the number one choice for plastic injection moulding, no matter what your project requires.

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plastic spoons

Diverse Plastic Injection Moulding Services

Stack Plastics offers a variety of high precision plastic injection molding services, all of  which can be tailored to match the exact specifications of your consumer product. Our injection molding capabilities make it easy for us to provide the perfect solution for your project’s needs. We offer:

We can create stand-alone products or parts and subassemblies for more complex products. We also offer a number of secondary services to add quality and value to your completed product, while keeping costs down and increasing overall production speeds.

Injection Molding Materials for Consumer Products

Our materials expertise gives further flexibility to our custom plastic injection moulding processes. We work with a wide array of materials to ensure that your products have the exact properties they need. With the right material, your product will offer superior durability and resilience in even the most rugged of consumer uses. Common materials for injection molded consumer products include:

Complete Injection Molding Solutions

Stack Plastics can produce everything from a handful of “show and tell” parts and prototype components to full production runs with quantities in the millions. We offer R&D and developmental assistance to help you optimize the manufacturability of your product from the concept stages through production. We’ll help make your product more conducive to the injection molding process, while maintaining its intended functionality.

The Injection Molding Experts

From aftermarket motorcycle parts to competition disc golf discs to portable MP3 player amplifiers, Stack Plastics is the plastic injection molding manufacturer that can do it all. We offer some of the fastest turnaround times and highest quality end products in the industry.

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