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Stack Plastics uses thermoplastic resins exclusively in our injection moulding processes. Thermoplastics are ideal injection molding resins, as they are easily moldable when softened by heat, and harden to their original strength during the cooling process. Thanks to their molecular makeup, these resins can be softened by heat over and over again, making them easily reusable and recyclable.

Because they can be formed and moulded into nearly any shape, thermoplastic resins are ideal materials for injection moulding. With Stack Plastics' engineering consultation services for customer designs and the expertise of our mold- and toolmakers, we can create virtually any part or component your project requires. We will work with you to ensure that your finished parts match your exact specifications.

The Right Injection Moulding Resin for Your Project

There are a number of thermoplastic resins available, and Stack Plastics works with a wide variety of them in our injection molding processes. Common injection moulding thermoplastics include:

We also work with an array of custom blends, should your project require a material with unique characteristics. Our expert team will work with you to determine the ideal resin for your needs.

The Injection Molding Experts

Stack Plastics has a long history of excellence in working with thermoplastics. Whether your project requires injection molding polycarbonate, injection molding PEEK, ABS, Ultem, or any other thermoplastic resin material, we are your number one source for high quality, precision moldings.

Contact Stack Plastics for further details on our thermoplastic resin injection moulding.