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Solves three assembly problems in one molding operation

Insert and overmolding combined

Eliminated a painful assembly process

Insert molded tip on polyamide extrusion

routine trouble shooting, what is happening to the plastic as the cavity fills?

Understanding how parts fill

Controlling external particulate


In any manufacturing project, there are bound to be a few problems that must be solved. At Stack Plastics, we have a number of unique problem solving solutions at our disposal to help us create the perfect plastic injection molded part for your project.

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Our problem solving starts with our injection molding services. Stack Plastics performs a number of different molding processes and uses advanced technology and equipment to produce the highest quality molded parts with supreme precision and outstanding repeatability. All of our plastic injection molding methods are highly flexible and can be tailored to meet the demands of your project. The molds and tools are designed to ensure that the finished product adheres perfectly to the design you provide. Stack Plastics also offers a variety of secondary services to add additional features and functions to plastic molded products.

We also work with a wide variety of materials, to give your custom plastic injection molded products the properties and usability you need. If none of the standard or exotic resins we work with are quite right for your project, Stack Plastics has solid professional relationships with specialized compounders such as RTP and Ticona. RTP modifies standard, "off-the-shelf" materials by adding special compounds to their chemistry to add or improve certain characteristics and properties, such as greater strength or improved heat resistance. Ticona creates a number of highly specialized engineering polymers to meet the needs of today's marketplace, including unique materials for electronics and other key industries. Working closely with these specialized compounders gives Stack Plastics a higher level of excellence in our plastic injection molding processes.

Stack Plastics can assist you with R&D and developmental services for your custom plastic injection molded parts. From the prototype stages through full production, we can help you adjust your designs for superior manufacturability, while still maintaining the proper product dimensions and functionalities. We also ensure that all design criteria are met in every stage of our injection molding processes. Creating an optimized design helps speed up production and keeps your costs low.

Stack Plastics has the capabilities and the experience to solve even the most complex problem. No matter what the project or the problem, we will work with you to create the ideal solution and deliver the highest quality custom plastic injection molded parts. Contact us today to get started on your next project.


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