Injection Molding Resin: Avaspire

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Avaspire is a high-performance polymer that is similar to PEEK in many ways, yet has many characteristics that set it apart, including:

  • Better durability and ductility
  • Chemical resistance that is equal to or better than PEEK
  • Ability to retain stiffness at higher temperatures (from 302 °F to 374 °F)
  • UL-94 V0 rating at 0.8 mm
  • Stiffness and strength similar to PEEK
  • 30% lower cost than PEEK
  • Attractive appearance and excellent colorability

Avaspire Grades

Avaspire is available in three grades:

  • Neat grade: Available lubricated or non-lubricated
  • Structural grade: Reinforced with glass or carbon fiber
  • Wear resistant SL grades: Available lubricated, non-lubricated or load bearing

Is Avaspire Right for Your Project?

The resin you choose can make or break your product. With so many high-performance resins available, how do you know which one is the right choice for you? At Stack Plastics, we’re experts in injection molding and have experience with all types of polymers, including Avaspire. Bring your design to us and we will help you determine whether Avaspire has the characteristics that will make your project a success.

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