Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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Very intricate PEI molding

Two station vertical insert molding

ABS moldings


Stack Plastics' specialty is custom plastic injection molding. We work with a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers and elastimers to create the perfect injection molded plastic parts for our customers' needs. Our expertise with ABS, polycarbonate, PEEK, Ultem, and other specialized materials and resins enables us to produce injection molded plastic parts and components to match the precise specifications of any project.

While the basic process of custom plastic injection molding is relatively simple, involving only a handful of key elements, the mastery of this process that Stack Plastics has achieved is considerably more difficult. We think of our specific methods as "scientific molding"—we experiment with different variables, collecting data that helps us optimize our processes. This gives us maximum efficiency and superior quality plastic injection molded parts, and allows perfect repeatability for parts in quantities in the millions.

Stack Plastics also offers advice to help make the manufacturing processes for our customers' products better and more efficient. We can review your design and advise certain changes that will allow us to create the plastic injection molded parts or components more efficiently, more quickly, and with better quality. If no such changes are possible, Stack Plastics can add more levels to our quality inspection processes, to ensure that the parts in question meet our high standards for quality.

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